My Skin Care Journey with Dermaviduals. Featuring Madison Charney, Day

My Skin Care Journey with Dermaviduals. Featuring Madison Charney, Dayle Setter, and Kim Woods


Over the past year, you’ve heard from tons of our clinic owners and various skin care experts about their experiences with our products. For 2022, we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to hear from our dermaviduals users themselves to learn about their personal experiences and skin care journeys to help inspire others who might be beginning their own journeys. 


Over the past three months, we interviewed the amazing Dayle Setter, Madison Charney, and Kim Woods. Come along with us to learn more about their dermaviduals journeys!


What was your skin like before dermaviduals, and what made you make the switch to dermaviduals products?


Madison: A lot of issues I was dealing with before was hormonal acne, which is just a part of being an athlete and being stressed a lot, as well as really dry skin because I live in Calgary. What I didn't realize is that the products that I was using were actually stripping my skin of everything that I needed. When you introduced me to dermaviduals, it was really night and day.


Dermaviduals was really helped me to maintain a good skin base. If I do have little issues that pop up here and there, I now have the tools to treat them. Overall, dermaviduals feels like a treat for my skin.


Kim: Before dermaviduals, I thought I was doing all the right things for my skin. I believed I was using very “high-end” products, but I would still get breakouts and dry patches because my skin is sensitive. Thanks to dermaviduals, I don't have that anymore. Even at 57 years old, I still had oily breaking-out reactive situations going on and got dry patches, but now I don't have them, and I had them for years. It didn't matter what high-level line I used or what facials I was doing. dermaviduals has saved my skin. 


Dayle: Before dermaviduals, my skin was dull and lifeless. It just wasn’t great. After hearing how clean the products are I switched right away, and after only four months, my blackheads are gone and there’s no congestion anymore. 


What is your skin like now, thanks to dermaviduals? And how has it impacted your overall health and wellness?


Madison: I feel better about my skin. It has given me confidence back in my skin. If I want to leave the house not wearing makeup, I will look in a mirror and see a reflection of how I feel on the inside, on the outside. Dermaviduals has really given me that back.


Kim: Dermaviduals is the thing that has changed my skin 100%. 


Dayle: I’m so, so much more confident in my skin now. All of my previous issues are gone, and it’s just healthy happy skin. It makes me feel so good, especially working in the industry myself.


If you were stuck on a desert island and you got to choose one dermaviduals product to bring with you, what product would it be?


Kim: My first thought is the serum. It’s so magical, it’s incredible! But then I would have to give up the cream, and the toner, and the cleanser… This question is too hard!


Madison: The lip balm. I’m obsessed with it. I don’t go anywhere without it!


Dayle: That’s tough… I would have to say Day Cream because I love sunscreen. 


What is something you wish you knew about skin care sooner? 


Madison: I thought my skin had to feel like it was being cleaned. I was using a foaming gel cleanser and it was stripping everything out of my skin that I needed. There is a little bit of an adjustment period to the product for sure, but after a few weeks, I look forward to washing my face twice a day every day now. 


Dayle: I think now more about supplying my skin the nutrients that it needs instead of treating issues. It's about being preventative.


Kim: I just wish I did this 20 years ago.


Would you recommend dermaviduals to a friend? If so, why?


Kim: Yes! I would recommend it to everybody everywhere. It seems like it is very complicated because it's so deep and scientific, but it does all the things it needs to while being easy to use and feel luxurious at the same time.


Dayle: I already got my sister-in-law on it! I love that it's such a healthy product. It's not filled with all the fillers and scents and preservatives. It's just clean, but gives you really, really good results.


Madison: Of course, I have already switched a few of my friends over, and it is largely due to the ease of the products. The packaging is so easy to go anywhere and they're also so easy to use. The products are just perfect and there are so many different options for everyone. 


Thank you all for your vulnerability, support, and time. We are so grateful to have such amazing clients that are willing to share their stories with us, and we are thrilled to hear about your skin transformations. 


If you would like to learn more about each of these clients, check out their social media links below. 


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And if you would like to share your own Dermaviduals journey with us, click here!

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