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Because There's Life After Waxing

"Anyone who wishes to be seen at the top of their industry should work with Rene!"


Florence Barrett-Hill - Director at Pastiche Resources Ltd., Auckland, NZ

"Before working with René I had a “one size fits all” approach to skin care. No matter what the cause of your dry skin, I’d hand you the same jar - thinking: “Okay, hopefully this is going to do it”. Now, I confidently put together creams that heal the root cause of the skin problem and the results blow me away: I get non stop referrals! Customers tell me about the compliments they’ve received, and people asking “What did you do?!”, that’s how I exponentially grow my business."


Ildiko Sramaty

"I no longer need to convince clients to continue treatment. They WANT to come back!"


Retha van der Vyver - Owner of Dermanuva Skin Health, Olds, Alberta

"Having René holding my hand and providing encouragement has taken my business into more of a professional realm that's actually a sustainable business. René is going to elevate the entire industry and force you to look at it with a fresh lens, a fresh pair of eyes, and know that our industry does so much more than the common statement of, oh, you do nails. She teaches how to run a sustainable business to be proud of. I work fewer hours and have more profit than ever before because of René's program.


Monika Speitelsbach

"With Rene's guidance, she steered our business direction so that we wouldn't be like every other struggling business. Because of her influence and knowledge we have a whole philosophy towards our products and business model.
René brings so much to the table, it would be a disservice to your business not to take advantage of her knowledge and processes.


Retha van der Vyver - Owner of Dermanuva Skin Health, Olds, Alberta

"René is one of the top experts in the business of skincare in North America. If you want to learn the business side of skincare, Rene’s program is the one to teach you.


Meredith Hansen

"I have known René for a few years. I first met her at a conference in which she was a keynote speaker. Her ability to take a complex topic and make it fun, accessible, and memorable had me hooked!

I felt like there was a gap in my knowledge. Or rather being able to take the theoretical and translate it practically to benefit my clients' skin concerns. I was aware that René was from Canada and as I am from Australia I decided to contact her to see if I could come over for one of her courses.

As it turns out, I started working with René via Zoom and it worked perfectly. We did one-on-one coaching for the business side and also group team training sessions for the skin. These sessions increased the confidence of my team so much that we became one of only 2 Platinum Dermaviduals stockists in the Australasian region.

We see a lot of very complex skin presentations and it gave me so much peace of mind knowing that I could discuss them with Rene and feel confident with my plan moving forward. Not only is René incredibly knowledgeable, but she is able to translate complex theories into a crystal clear way for therapists at any level. She is funny, warm, lively, and really caring. If you are serious about skin and want a strong mentor, I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Asha Evertsz - The Clear Skin Experts, Melbourne, Australia

Skin Fluorescence:

The Journey Beneath the Skin


Learn to see the skin in a 3-dimensional way with this mind blowing, 30-minute VIP tour underneath the skin.


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Knowledge about the skin is
your ultimate drawing card...

...Because better results mean more referrals, return clients and accelerated business growth.

I’m René Serbon, Industry Educator and Unquenchable Skin Enthusiast.
Send me on a beach holiday?

I bet my diagnostic device you’ll find me reading up on “corneotherapy” underneath a big umbrella, or giving the ice-cream seller a spontaneous (and advanced) skin analysis.

I educate clinic owners and solo estheticians on the skin (inside and out) so they can move beyond grooming services and “cookie cutter clinics” and have a true point of difference in their industry.

Here’s how… (See below)



Go “skin-centric” and get super confident in your ability to diagnose and treat the skin—blow the roof off your in-clinic results.

Get more referrals, return customers and grow your business by 30% per year or more with my Skin Centric Business Formula.

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Learn to see the skin in a 3-dimensiona

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  • BEST RESOURCES: access these 5 best online resources offering affordable or FREE training on everything skin (share it with your team!).
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