1. Eh, who are you?

René Serbon, Beauty Therapist, Electrologist, Pastiche Recognized Educator, Industry Educator, Public Speaker and Unquenchable Skin Enthusiast.

While today skin is my jam, I used to have a reputation as “The Meanest Wax in Town”, and...

...the day I opened my appointment book and saw 10 hours of backs, sacks and cracks, was the day I threw up my impeccably manicured hands and shouted “That’s it, I quit!”. What’s next? I discovered my mentor Florence Barrett-Hill and Advanced Skin Analysis. And I haven’t looked back.


2. What do you do again?

I offer skin care professionals (solo esti’s, clinic owners) a true point of difference in the industry - so they give their clients a reason to keep coming back.

Here’s how:

SKIN: I help you move beyond “imposter syndrome” (feeling like you’re sorta “winging” your way through treatments - hoping for the best - but continuously hitting a plateau with your in-clinic results) to becoming a legit skin pro: with a deep understanding of skin anatomy, physiology and matching cosmetic chemistry to specific skin conditions. That’s how you consistently get outstanding results clients can’t but notice!

BUSINESS: I help solo estheticians and clinic owners break through the 6-figure or even 7-figure mark. How? Using the initial consultation as the pivotal point for generating long term business, filling up appointment books (the doctor’s, the nurse’s, the beauty therapist’s) for months or even years to come. Want this? Click here.


3. So, what’s with the accent?

I’ve been a citizen of three countries. And I’ll tell you this: I’ve been mistaken for being Greek, Russian, Scottish, Irish and English. And I’m none of these. If you can guess my nationality, you win a FREE CONSULTATION (Just kiddin’. I’m happy to hop on a call with you regardless, book yours here and let’s talk skin or shop).


4. What’s Corneotherapy? Why should I care?

Corneotherapy is the “outside in” approach to skin, meaning: the epidermis is kept intact at all time. It’s the antidote to the “blasting the skin to oblivion,” aggressive and invasive treatments you see everywhere today. We consider it to be the skin care choice of the future, and you should know about it, because your clients will (learn more here).


5. Are you product affiliated?

YES! And no. My skin anatomy, physiology, cosmetic chemistry and business trainings are strictly product unaffiliated. And... (in full disclosure) in my own educational endeavours - which has always been corneotherapy based - I’ve continually searched for the products and diagnostic devices that serve my clients best.

That’s how I discovered dermaviduals skin care and the Observ diagnostic device. I’m a proud distributor for both. I use these products to help my clients scale to 6 or 7 figures - without gimmicks or flashy marketing, but because they provide better results than local competition. Or as my client Ildiko says: “I get non-stop referrals! Customers tell me about the compliments they’ve received, and people asking “What did you do?!”, that’s how I exponentially grow my business.


6. Why should I trust you?

You shouldn’t! You should always do your homework. But since you asked… I’m CIDESO and CIBTAC qualified, I’m also a pastiche educator, and I proudly serve on the International Association of Applied Corneotherapy (IAC) educational board, I’m a life long student myself and I’ve helped many businesses streamline, simplify, and grow (average of 30% per year).


7. Why were you meant to do this?

Growing up in a home of dentists, doctors, beauty therapists and teachers, there were two things I wanted to be when I grew up: a teacher and a superstar. In my own humble way, I feel I get to be a bit of both ;-)