Why corneotherapy skin professionals say chemical peels are harmful to

Why corneotherapy skin professionals say chemical peels are harmful to your skin.

As skin professionals, keeping the integrity and health of our clients’ skin is our main priority. Corneotherapy is an approach that works to protect and maintain the epidermis while still achieving effective results. However, with many other beauty treatments on offer, it can be easy to overlook the potentially harmful effects that come along with them. Chemical peels are no exception; corneotherapist skin professionals believe that chemical peels can seriously damage your skin barrier if used too frequently or incorrectly – something we want you to be aware of before you even think about trying any peel yourself. 


Keep reading for an informative look at why corneotherapy has such a strong view toward chemical peels!


Corneotherapy is a skin therapy methodology that focuses on maintaining the skin’s health – particularly the epidermis. Through a combination of individualized skincare, diet, and lifestyle habits, practitioners of corneotherapy strive to optimize skin health and prevent inflammation by strengthening the skin’s protective barrier. This science is based on establishing external (lifestyle choices) and internal (genetic or medical) factors to uncover the underlying cause of skin concerns, conditions, and disorders. Corneotherapists believe understanding and protecting the delicate balance in our skin’s environment is vital for promoting health and beauty.


Corneotherapy is a skin treatment methodology that protects the epidermis with an outside-in approach. Many treatments can be performed in Corneotherapy, but chemical peels are not among them due to their potentially harmful effects on the skin. Chemical peels use strong acids and other harsh ingredients to exfoliate the first layers of your skin. While this may seem beneficial, it isn’t recommended from a Corneotherapeutic point of view as it could damage the epidermis and even harm its natural functions if not performed correctly. Therefore, chemical peels should be avoided for balanced skin health and under the safe umbrella of Corneotherapy.


Chemical peels are treatments that go beyond the surface, using skin-irritating chemicals to peel away the top layers of one’s skin. While this procedure may offer short-term cosmetic benefits, it removes at minimum two of the skin’s five lines of skin barrier defence. The first one is the acid mantle, and the second is the corneocyte, thus, rendering the skin barrier defence down by 40% for some time. In addition, the highly acidic nature of these chemical solutions can cause damage to the skin, potentially leading to further complications such as inflammation, photosensitivity, and even post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, to name a few. These aggressive chemicals can also disrupt the natural pH balance. With this in mind, weighing the risks associated with chemical peels before deciding to undergo this type of treatment is essential.


Protecting your skin doesn’t have to involve chemical peels. Corneotherapy is an approach to skincare which encourages the repair of the skin’s barrier and preserves its natural lipids. This protective strategy focuses on using bioidentical ingredients, optimal hydration levels and environmental protection. As such, it provides a targeted solution to preserve skin health rather than damaging the outer layer with harsh chemicals that can strip the epidermis like chemical peels. So if you’re looking for an effective way to protect your skin without harming it – consider corneotherapy!


Understanding what ingredients benefit your skin is essential if you want optimally functioning skin. To that end, some key components for healthy skin are phosphatidylcholine, ceramide, squalane, triglycerides, free fatty acids, and NMF (natural moisturizing factor). When these ingredients are present in a product, Corneotherapy believes your skin will be healthier – avoiding any potential harm that may arise from chemical peels. In addition, addressing your skin’s needs with the right ingredients can make a difference in feeling and looking its natural best.


As a core principle of corneotherapy, chemical peels should only be used sparingly and cautiously. Even gentle exfoliating products should only be used once or twice weekly. Precisely when you use these products is also just as important – in the morning, apply them before putting on foundation/face makeup; and at night, typically after an evening wash-off cleanser. Doing so will ensure that your skin reaps the maximum benefits of your product without any long-term damage or sensitivity.


As we’ve discussed, Corneotherapy protects the epidermis using an outside-in approach using bio-mimicking ingredients and avoiding any chemical peels or harsh ingredients that could cause further damage to the skin. Everyone needs to remember that skin care and protection should always be a priority when it comes to skin health. While various types of products are available in the market, like creams, serums, toners and moisturizers, make sure to read the ingredient list before making a purchase. Also, try not to overuse products as they can cause more harm than good; indeed, less is often more. 


If you want more information on how Corneotherapy works or would like help connecting with a corneotherapist, please email us!


Written by: René Serbon

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